Discover how to facilitate house sales
using Augmented Reality
Augmented reality (AR) — is an interactive experience of a real-world environment whereby the objects that reside in the real-world are "augmented" by computer-generated perceptual information.
AR Houses app
"AR houses" is a mobile app that allows your buyers to virtually 'visit' a new house while it isn't built yet.

So how it works
The primary purpose is to present a future house or your company's houses to customers.
While it isn't built yet.
Create 3D models
Your houses may be in 3D-model view or just as a drawing. We get all the initial content from you and optimize that for AR. It's required for allowing heavy 3D-models of houses work well even on mobile devices.
Create custom UI
A design of your AR Houses app is created corresponding with your company's brand style guide.
Develop additional features
You own AR Houses app likely may require some additional customization. Our developers are ready to implement your ideas to make the app even better.
Bring all the parts together
The next stage is to build the app from separate parts we created before. 3D-models, user interface elements, additional features have to be assembled together.
Finally, the app is published on AppStore and PlayMarket to allow your customers making their choice as for a house they prefer and plan to buy.
Customers make a choice
Your customers will be able to download app and use it to watch and visit real-size house in augmented reality. They'll need a smartphone/tablet only.
Download for testing right now!
Augmented reality allows placing real-size houses and reduced copies for further exploration. It helps potential customers to play exterior and interior variations. For example, another wall color, different flooring, and much more.

The customer even has the opportunity to oversee the view from the windows!
Just take a look at this short video:
Cross Platform App
The app is provided for both iOS and Android.
It's intended to work on ARKit/ARCore compatible devices.
It requires a smartphone/tablet and nothing more.
Different modes
It's possible to explore houses in any of 3 ways: usual 2D description, 3D-model, and augmented reality mode.
Handy products catalog
A user interface is designed for easy and convenient interaction.
Each item has its own page with all the required info (descriptions, images, drawings, etc.)
The app can be modified, upgraded or ever simplified. We know the features your users will keen on.
Just compare what is the difference in prices between the app and a new show house.
Therewith, you can add an unlimited number of new houses in the app.
Сost and time savings on expensive construction and details changing
It's much cheaper and faster to create a 3D model instead of a real house
Easy and fast way of the product range expansion
Plan to suggest the same house but with a bigger garage? No need to re-build a snow house!
Hi-tech anchor for your customers
This modern sales technique highlights you among competitors
Extension to a classic show houses
Bring your online presence to a new level. Your customers will be able to explore their future home at convenient time and place
AR House is an excellent sales tool
for house developers who

  • don't want to waste a lot of money for expensive show houses
  • need to showcase different options of the house's exterior or interior;
  • driving to impress their customer and give him an opportunity to visit his future home;
  • intend to cut expenses for show houses maintenance and modifying
  • looking for a tool that will boost customer engagement
Create your AR houses app today!
The future is here. Use what it gives you right now.
Why work with Marevo?
That's simple, we love to:
Bring real value
Marevo team emerged to show that AR/VR technologies aren't just for fun but can also be very useful for business.
Diving deep into
Our goal is to develop these tools specifically for your company. We want to learn as much as possible about your business and what your goals and pains are.
Stay in touch
We would be happy to train your company employees on how to use developed software if needed.
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